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Reliable and Timely Pallet Delivery with Pallets Plus Brands

At Pallets Plus Brands, we understand that timely delivery is crucial for the seamless operation of your business. Whether you need pallets for storage, shipping, or manufacturing, having them delivered on time can make all the difference. Our commitment to prompt and reliable delivery ensures that you never have to worry about delays impacting your workflow.

The Importance of On-Time Delivery

In today’s fast-paced business environment, on-time delivery is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Delays in pallet delivery can lead to a cascade of issues, including disrupted schedules, halted production lines, and unmet deadlines. This can ultimately affect your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Here’s why timely pallet delivery is so important:


1. Maintaining Operational Efficiency

  • Having pallets delivered on time ensures that your operations run smoothly without any interruptions. Whether you’re loading products for shipment or organizing your warehouse, timely delivery keeps your processes efficient and productive.

2. Meeting Customer Expectations

  • Your customers rely on you to deliver products on schedule. Delays in pallet delivery can result in missed deadlines, leading to dissatisfied customers and potential loss of business. On-time pallet delivery helps you meet and exceed customer expectations.

3. Reducing Costs

  • Delays can lead to increased costs due to overtime labor, storage fees, and expedited shipping charges. Timely delivery of pallets helps you avoid these additional expenses, keeping your costs under control.

4. Enhancing Supply Chain Management

  • Efficient supply chain management relies on the timely availability of pallets. When pallets are delivered on schedule, it streamlines your supply chain, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall efficiency.

Pallets Plus Brands: Your Partner in Timely Delivery

At Pallets Plus Brands, we take pride in our ability to deliver pallets quickly and reliably. Here’s how we ensure your pallets are delivered on time, every time:

1. Industry-Leading 3-Day Lead Time

  • We offer an industry-leading 3-day lead time for pallet production. This means that from the moment you place your order, we’ll have your pallets ready for delivery within three days, ensuring you get what you need when you need it.

2. Efficient Scheduling

  • Our logistics team works tirelessly to ensure that your delivery is scheduled promptly. We prioritize your needs and coordinate every detail to guarantee a smooth and timely delivery process.

3. Nationwide Reach, Local Expertise

  • With manufacturing centers in key cities like Flint, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Chicago, and Charlotte, we provide the reliability of a national company with the personalized service of a local provider. Our extensive network ensures that we can deliver to your location efficiently.

4. Expedited Delivery Services

  • In urgent situations, our expedited delivery services are designed to get your pallets to you as quickly as possible. We understand that emergencies happen, and we’re here to ensure that you’re never left without the pallets you need.


Contact our admin department and coordinate the pickup and delivery of the pallets. You can do this by phone, or online contact form. 



Once the order is placed, our pallet drivers will know the date and time of your service. The service request is documented.



The day before your service you can expect a courtesy call to remind you of the service coming on the next day. (Not answering does not cancel)

How to Schedule Your Pallet Delivery

Scheduling your pallet delivery with Pallets Plus Brands is simple and straightforward. Here’s how you can get started:

Contact Us: Reach out to us via phone at 877-942-7587 or email at to discuss your pallet needs and delivery schedule.

Get a Quote: Request a quote for your specific pallet requirements. Our team will provide you with a detailed estimate and timeline.

Confirm Your Order: Once you approve the quote, our team will begin production and schedule your delivery within our 3-day lead time.

Track Your Delivery: We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, from production to delivery, ensuring you know exactly when to expect your pallets.

Follow-Up: After delivery, our team will follow up to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service.

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Contact Us

Ready to experience the Pallets Plus Brands difference in pallet delivery? Contact us today to schedule your delivery and ensure your operations run smoothly with our timely and reliable services.

Phone: 877-942-7587

Locations: Headquarters: Flint, Michigan
Manufacturing Centers: Kansas City, Missouri; Flint, Michigan, Jacksonville, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Charlotte, North Carolina

At Pallets Plus Brands, we’re more than just a pallet supplier. We’re your trusted partner, committed to helping your business thrive with reliable and timely pallet delivery services. Let’s build something great together.

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Looking for pallet delivery near you? Look no further than Pallets Plus Brands! Our extensive inventory and available services includes a variety of pallet options, including custom pallets, new and used pallets, pallet removal and and pallet delivery! Whether you need a specific size or weight capacity, we can help. Plus, with our Pallet Rolodex system, getting the pallets you need has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality pallets and how we can help meet your unique needs.